Company History

Growth from Strength and Leadership

Founded in 1989 by the Etebar family, Southern California-based ETCO Homes is an independent and privately-owned company. Building a wide range of residential and commercial properties from contemporary townhomes and luxury custom homes to mixed-use office, retail and industrial properties, ETCO Homes has grown over its history by remaining philosophically conservative and financially strong. By localizing its decision making and maintaining direct control over architectural design, material selection, cost and pricing, Etco Homes has become known as a versatile boutique builder with a commitment to quality, detail and responsive customer service.

The Founders

Afshin Etebar - President

Afshin Etebar is co-founder and president of ETCO Homes. A 25+ year veteran of the real estate development industry, he co-founded ETCO Homes in 1989 and has been integral in establishing the company’s stellar reputation as a versatile, boutique builder committed to quality, detail and responsive customer service.

Etebar is responsible for the management and oversight of the company’s strategic real estate projects, which encompass a wide range of residential and commercial endeavors including contemporary townhomes, luxury custom homes, mixed-use office, retail and industrial properties. He leads strategic business planning and major functions including the management of income properties, acquisitions, land entitlement efforts and project financing. Afshin Etebar also oversees business development, corporate governance, project execution, sales and marketing efforts.

With a lifetime passion for architecture, Etebar’s design sensibilities and contributions are visualized in ETCO’s many projects, where he consistently pushes his team to enhance the community by building exceptional, timeless spaces for people to enjoy.

Bob Etebar - Principal and Chief Operating Officer

Co-Founder Bob Etebar, is also Principal and Chief Operating Officer of ETCO Homes, and oversees all day-to-day company operations as it relates to acquisitions, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, purchasing, construction management and customer service.

Mr. Etebar is also responsible for the development and maintenance of all equity and finance relationships (institutional and private), and the compliance/execution related to the joint ventures and financing agreements secured by the company.

In his leadership role, Bob Etebar is most concerned with enhancing the communities that etco touches with quality and leaving a legacy of lasting, timeless projects that will enhance the lives of its residents.

Bob Etebar obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Arizona.